Biking Endorphines - REST-API within Django

What frameworks exists that supports REST-API within python ?

1. Django REST Framework

Quoting information from site:

Some reasons you might want to use REST framework:

- The Web browsable API is a huge usability win for your developers.
- Authentication policies including packages for OAuth1a and OAuth2.
- Serialization that supports both ORM …
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Biking Endorphines - Test Database and REST API



So you are here to know what are the difference between API webservices?

Let's go with simple what are cons/pros of each solution!

1.A REST API Pros and Cons

  • Lower amount of data needed to deliver actual content
  • Available two …
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FancyBox Plugin Finding Fancybox elements in articles


Lately I've started working on this pelican-plugin that will use special command in markdown article to "magically" change it's content into a fancybox-alike.

I've started it with badly without TDD and that approach failed to leave me with successful plugin created.

My failure was also in copy-pasting others plugins …

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GPXReader - initial Endorphine Algorithm


I've initially looked at my source code and Github and found that I've got few things a bit wrongly implemented (not using properly DRY principle.)

I've found also that gpxreader_test branch should be finally merged to master.

I've found also that android-initial startup as module that as not been …

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GPXReader - Trackpoints Routepoints Waypoints

Trackpoints Routepoints and Waypoints

Before today's change, in my source code for tests I had only trackpoints. This worked pretty well, but then I've figure out, I need to be able to check if someone's going to use different type of *points. And obviously I added this to my steps-to-make …

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GPXReader - Clearing TDD Tests


As you might probably read at yesterdays article I've finally found how I shoud follow TDD principle and "flow".

It basically means, I will not create a bunch of tests, but instead I'll create a bunch of not-implemented methods/functions that are documented about their responsibilities but has no …

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